2018 Largest Cod wins with 91cm fish

Krystal Burns Wins 2018 Largest Cod in the 2018 Fishing For The Future Fishing Competion  with a 91CM Fish 

2018 winners list



Biggest Cod – Jaxon Bolger, 560mm (caught first)

Biggest Golden Perch – Nil caught – Random draw – Josh Young

Biggest Carp – Frankie Goodall, 640mm

Legal fish caught random draw – Alissa Davis

Other Random draw winners:

William Gofton

Jagger Doody

Tristian Emonson

Rubie-Rose Wells

Blake Green

Bella Green

Beau Davis

Jessi Davis

Tarah Davis

Madison Kirby

Josh Young


Biggest Cod – Kristal Burns, 910mm

Biggest Golden Perch – Nil caught – Random draw – Sarah O’Keefe

Biggest Carp – Kristal Burns, 600mm

Legal fish caught random draw – Nadine Wells

Other Random draw winners:

Kim Smith

Merrilyn Strachan

Sinitta Macartney

Kim Bradbrook


Biggest Cod – Frank Miccio, 830mm

Biggest Golden Perch – Brandon Coggan, 510mm (caught first)

Biggest Carp – Tony Dempsey, 710mm

Legal fish caught random draw – Brandon Coggan

Other Random draw winners:

Brandon Coggan

Kane Harper

Anthony O’Keefe

Ken Strachan

Glen Rolton

Luke Senini

Sam Regan

Tony Dempsey

Kade Arnold

Kade Davis

Col Green

Glen Bruce

Matthew Wilson

Phil Wilkinson

Robert Black

Neville Hugging

Early Bird Entry Winner: Blake Green


Boat Winner: Trudi Emonson

2018 Fishing Competition

This Years Major Prize is a Fishing Boat, Trailer and Motor Package

Early Bird Prize to the Value of $500 for entries before March 9th

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Our annual Fishing Comp is on again this year and its going to be bigger and better than last year. This time around we have had a lot of sponsors come on board to help us and we have a Fishing Boat for a Major Prize.

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We are a few locals that have come together to create a Fishing Competition. We are a Non Profit Organisation and the funds that we make purchase Murray Cod & Golden Perch Fingerlings to restock our Murray River. 


Check out this great video, some good info to help when fishing in our fishing competition

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